May 9, 2012


Timeshare Promotions – 3 Tips, 1 Gotcha and a “Hidden Alternative”

Everyone loves a bargin deal and especially with the current state of the economy people are looking for a cheap weekend or week long vacations. Timeshare promotion offers make available a discounted, or sometimes even free, few days away.

The Catch…

But be aware the catch is these promotions come with a mandatory sales pitches which you have to endure along with the high pressure sales tactics. These can take from 90 minutes to several hours of your time on vacation, listening to the benefits of timeshare ownership and timeshares.

This high pressure setup is not for the weak willed who feel they need to comply with the offer being presented. There are ways you can approach timeshare promotions allowing you to score a discounted holiday and enjoy what timeshare resorts have to offer.

Tip 1 – This Is A Promotional ‘Trial Run’ Event, Not An Care-Free Vacation

The idea here is simple enough. Don’t get too comfortable, don’t get too relaxed and friendly, and don’t let yourself get too intoxicated on alcohol that you might make a decision you later regret. These promotions exist for a reason: to you to buy a timeshare! They are not there just to let you have a good time. So be aware that a part of your vacation will be negotiating sales. It’s part of the deal.

Tip 2 – Don’t Act Totally Uninterested

Make sure that you at least appear interested. The timeshare company can have it in the condition that they will charge you a full cost if they decide you didn’t attend or listen to the pitch.  Remember the reason you get the discount is because you’ve agreed to listen to the timeshare promotion presentation.  If they feel you’re simply there to freeload for the cheap vacation and not holding up your end of the deal then the cheap holiday might not end up being so cheap.

Tip 3 - Evaluate Other Timeshare Resorts

One way to show interest yet polietly decline any offers to buy into the timeshare is to say you are evaluating your options and a number of resorts.  Even if you decide you would be interested in buying into the timeshare after watching the presentation, you can still make use of some timeshare promotions at some other resorts to make sure you’ve found the right one.  It’s your money and you can decide what kind of timeshare resort is best suited for you.  You can let the salesperson know you have some interest but can’t commitment to signing any contracts without taking the time to evaluate the other options out there, including the “hidden path” option detailed below.

A timeshare promotion is one option to score a premium vacation on the cheap.  Just remember that you’re on a promotional offer, and not your own free time.  Resorts offer the promotional (discounted) vacations in return for you attending one of their “resort tours”.

A “resort tour” is tyically a 90-120 minute presentation highlighting the facilities, units, and the benefits of buying a timeshare at the resort.  The resorts offer these promotions in the hope you will fork over the cash for a timeshare unit.  You wont be charged beyond the promotional offer if you don’t buy a time share provided you endure the presentation, tour and sales tactics.

The “Hidden Path”…

The alternative to taking up a timeshare promotional offer is to join a vacation club which have access to heavily discounted weeks at the resorts.  The promotional weeks the resorts offer are often only 15% to 30% off the regular rental rates, while the premium vacation clubs members often can get book a week at the timeshare resorts for 50% to 80% off the regular price you’ll see on, or the prices on the resorts own webpage.

At first glace these prices seem too good to be true.  The way these vacation clubs can offer such heavily discounted rates is by:

  • Offering unused weeks at timeshares that would otherwise be empty.
  • Purchasing bulk time periods at wholesale rates at the resorts.
  • Buying up timeshare leases on the cheap when the owners want to sell, and
  • The resorts can offer the units to the vacation club members without needing to spend what would otherwise be significant advertising costs.

These memberships generally have an upfront fee, and some have a small annual fee.  Then you just pay for the holidays you want without having to waste precious vacation time on sales pitches and being subject to high pressure sales tactics.  You’ll be pleasantly shocked on the vacation discounts on offer.  You can often recoup the cost of the lifetime membership fee from the savings on your first holiday!

To explore the “hidden path” and a superior vacation experience and cost to using timeshare promotion deals, enter your email below for the “hidden path” vacation report the timeshare salesperson desperately doesn’t want you to see!

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October 10, 2012


What is a timeshare and how does it work?

Timeshare, also known as vacation ownership or timeshare interval is purchased to enjoy and use over the years. Through this system through you get the right to use several nights or specific weeks of development, during a specific variable or period.

There are currently several types of this program, which allow customers to choose the one that best suits needs and wishes and their possibilities. Regarding the legal aspect are divided as follows:

Week and fixed unit in perpetuity: In this mode the buyer through a script, you can use a specific condominium in a given week, every year forever. Thus the buyer has a property tax benefit, you can participate in development administration and on the other hand, under the agreement, the owner may rent, sell, exchange or donate their range.
Right to use: Here the buyer can use one or more development for a number of years (5-50). At the end of this period return rights to the developer.
This guy is currently the most used and works as if you had a membership of a club.

Vacation club or points programs: These programs allow the use of development on a different date each year. In this mode the club members, acquire a set of points equal to currency in circulation and to access the different suites, seasons or days of stay. The number of points required changes in relation to the demand of the members, the unit size, location and mentalities complex.

Interestingly, a vacation club can also offer contracts or perpetual right to use.

Fractional Ownership: This type allows consumers, buying a larger quantity of weeks that goes from 4 to 26, for a lower cost. Is more commonly used for beach destinations.

Units with lock-off or lock-out: Here you are allowed to own, occupy only part of the unit at a time and the rest in another, taking also the possibilities of renting or exchange.

Timeshares for sale are divided into time Fixed or Floating Time

In the first, the unit is purchased by the person to be used one week it specifies, which is assigned for each year.

For the floating time: Refers to use the complex for a particular season of the year, for which the owner must book dates from before going on vacation, taking as a basis first call, first confirmation.

Week divided (splited week): This type is more for those who prefer shorter vacations and can divide their range on more separate visits to its development; the most common is 3 or 4 nights in two different dates each year. Reservations are also made based on first call-first confirmation and are subject to availability.

Biennial or alternate use property: Allows the use of the property only every two years, its cost is lower than annual, is also more attractive to those who do not take vacations each year or cannot afford a comprehensive plan.

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July 24, 2012


Smoking Hot Timeshare Deal in Waikiki Hawaii

One of my fellow travel buddy’s, Mr Mark H, posted up a sweet deal at a Wyndham Royal Garden resort in Waikiki.  Just looking dreamily at the picture perfect photos of Waikiki beach now make we want to snap up a last minute flight and jet over there right now. Work be damned!

Palm trees rustling overhead, golden sand underneath massaging the feet.  The majestic view of the Diamond Head volcanic jutting out in the distance.

One of the coolest & most expensive beaches scenes in the world, which comes at a cost, event at Expedia’s “guaranteed” lowest rate.

Would 62% off, in other words a solid $900 discount, make it more

GRN makes it possible

Spread the word my friends. Peeps save over $900 on one usage! Plus, this causing a dream trip that probably wouldn’t happen without our membership.

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July 18, 2012


Looking for Timeshare Promotions in 2012? (even upto 90% off!)

Imagine kicking up your feet in your own fully equipped resort condo sipping on your favourite cocktail.  Your luggage essentials are out of site in one of the two generous sized bedrooms.  Some fresh fruit from the local market resting on the bench top of your own private kitchen.  In a minute I’ll show you how to access these holiday resorts at up to a 70%-90% discount off the public pricing.

Having your own private resort-style getaway is such a desirable vacation option that billions of dollars are spent every year snapping up timeshare weeks at resorts.   But what if you don’t have $10k or splash out on a unit which only gives you one week per year?

Promotional offers are one way to get into these resorts without paying the upfront price, and scoring 15%-20% off the ‘best price’ at for the rental option.  Any decent resort in a prime location will be burning a hole of $2,o00 for a week long stay.

Resorts run promotional offers on the condition of suffering through a high pressure sales presentation to front up the $10k for the unit.  Even with the 15%-20% discount the it’s still going to run $1500 for your one week vacation.

The best kept secret in the resort holiday industry is the private membership club which provide their members, people just like yourself, with discounts of usually at least 50%, often 70% and sometimes even 90% off the ‘best price’ at prime resorts in Orlando, Cancun and many more cities and regions all over the world.

I wondered how this club could offer such low rates in the 25 years it’s been operating, it seemed like a ‘too good to be true’ pitch, but there’s actually two solid reasons why you can enjoy resort vacations at at fraction of the price everyone else has to pay.

Now I’m being bit of a tease and you’re probably getting very curious on how it all works – how for less than the price of a premium rental week in a resort on Expedia you can have lifetime access to these super discounted rates, with zero yearly/ongoing fees.

> Click here to learn the secret behind a lifetime of up to 90% discounts on timeshare promotions

May 25, 2012


Viator integrated into your Global Resorts Network travel center!

Global Resorts Network is proud to introduce VIATOR!

Global Resorts Network travel provider has partnered with Viator to provide another gateway to booking tours and activities at fantastic savings.

Viator is the world’s leading resource for researching, planning and booking things to do in more than 750 destinations worldwide.

Why Book with Viator?

Save Time
Viator has taken the guesswork out of shopping for great experiences because we have already pre-screened the best local tour operators, so you can have confidence in the quality, service and value.

Unbeatable Deals
Viator’s close working relationships with local operators mean they can negotiate exclusive deals and discounts – discounts not available on any other websites! Their deals and discounts are constantly changing so check back often!

Book Anytime, Anywhere
Whether you’re planning ahead from the comfort of home or standing in an unfamiliar city looking for something to do right now, Viator can help you book unforgettable experiences at great prices. During popular travel seasons (like summer) and in the most popular destinations (Rome, Grand Canyon, London), there is great value to be gained by securing likely-to-sell-out tours and activities in advance. But you don’t need to worry about filling your entire schedule because Viator is introducing more last-minute inventory, which can easily be booked online through your GRN Travel Center!

Uncover the Unknown
Viator often helps travelers find an experience they never knew existed and they loved it. Even traditional tours can come with added benefits worth exploring, like Viator’s ‘Skip the Line’ series that when purchased in advance lets you spend more time exploring rather than waiting. Or try a private, after-hours tour to avoid the crowds and the hassle like at the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Just a few minutes exploring Viator will ensure you don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience.

May 20, 2012


Timeshare Promotion Deals near Disney World

Disney World is one of the must-visit holiday destinations for families.  Located in Orlando, Florida, the Walt Disney World Resort is made up for 4 theme parks;

  • Magic Kingdom Park
  • Epcot
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios

and two water parks;

  • Disney’s Blizzard Beach
  • Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

On the official site there are resorts you can book which are around $300/night or more, which comes to $2100 for the accommodation alone of a week long vacation there.

Screw paying full price!

A good friend introduced me to a private travel club and show me an example of the seemingly absurd discounts they were getting on premo resorts near Disney World.

Take for example cozy this two bedroom condo at the Wyndham Branson Vacation Resort in Orlands just up the road from the theme parks.  Decked out with a full kitchen, and did I mention two bedrooms!  Perfect if you have a some kiddies coming along (hey, adults can go to Disney too!)

On this timeshare condo costs a pretty $4,119.54 to rent for a one week long stay.  Don’t exactly affordable for the average person with one or more kids in tow. But…

Check out the price on the exact same unit on the exact same dates inside the membership club my friend David got me onto. $398!! That’s a good 90% off the Expdia’s “best price”

Want a lifetime of these types of vacation discounts?  Check out the inside details of our private club here

May 9, 2012


Operation Of A Timeshare

Although the concept of timeshare is simple, the process it really is more complex. The performance and satisfaction are directly linked to the characteristics and type of property you own holiday.

Taking into account that 78% of owners choose to purchase with the intention of sharing with other destinations, it is important to understand the factors that determine a higher potential and possibility of the exchange.

To supply and demand: the interval (number of weeks), a development that is proprietary, the destination is located where development of the maximum capacity of the unit. For example: You do not have the same exchange value range in the Caribbean September compared to a range of Christmas, the same development and in the same capacity of people.

  • Physical assessments made by the company to the development of trade. Developments include assessment visits, and training and update seminars given to sales staff.
  • Results of assessments by other owners in exchange through comment cards where rate their stay to the company Exchange.
  • Advance with deposit of the week in the bank of weeks (inventory available to choose and apply for other owners in exchange).
  • The development features, amenities, quality and equipment of the unit that owns one.

Hence the diversity of alternatives to choose according to the expectations in mind. It is noteworthy then that the golden rule is: Value for Value and Quality for Quality.

A difference in the income of one or more hotel rooms, which requires payment for each time requested and at rates that usually increase each year, ownership of a timeshare is a proven way for vacationers to enjoy each year , for an agreed period and one payment for the full purchase and payment of an annual maintenance fee.

This allows an interval owner the opportunity to save on the increasingly high cost of long-term accommodation while enjoying the comforts of home within a development.

With the advent of time-sharing mode, there are new administrative systems, marketing, sales, preceded by time-sharing features of the development of the activity, mention the most important according to data from the Association of Clubs Cancun vacation and vacation exchange company.

The physical space is no longer considered only a room but now becomes units, and because of this change:

  • The equipment of these units include kitchenettes with their utensils, which are not part of the hotel and customs which in turn produce significant savings in the supply item; important concept that displays the timeshare.
  • The holiday period is extended at least 7 days producing vacation education customers, and ensuring further optimization of hotel infrastructure is reflected in a higher percentage of the average occupation.
  • Customers are considered club and owners of their unit within the time of its space pre-holiday.
  • Customers do not pay rent for night, but only involved a monetary annual fee for maintenance of common areas regardless of the initial cost of membership.

April 15, 2012


Advantages and Inconveniences of the Timeshare

The benefits of timeshares are among others, to share the price of a luxury condominium with other tourists, is to be able to vacation in future years at a cost frozen anywhere in the world, is the certainty of having secured reservations without worrying about inflation in future years and is an investment as long-term costs are reduced for vacation and the user can make a profit by renting their weeks.

For the community and the country, the timeshare has brought important benefits that go beyond the traditional hotel that represents, as the following:

  • It’s the best way to export,
  • The good that is acquired stays in Mexico,
  • Generate taxes and jobs in the town and country,
  • Buyer makes a visitor repetitive
  • Curves normalized seasonality in tourism, and
  • Extends the mean days of stay at destination.

The timeshare industry currently consists of personnel, mainly in the design and operation of developments and in the area of ​​finance, marketing and administration.

Finally, the timeshare is not a competition for the Hotel, but rather, is complementary to the other branches of the tourism industry such as restaurants, car rental, general stores, entertainment centers, etc. In some cases guarantee a consistent level hotel occupancy, avoiding such marked differences between high and low seasons, generally benefits the country because it creates permanent streams of tourists and new tourist trade that will come to your time, spokesmen for all that Mexico has to offer, and in this case specifically Cancun.

The timeshare is not a dangerous formula, but many of the business practices associated with it are far from satisfactory. These problems come, especially because in most European states, promoters or sellers are not defined any rules for access to the profession, depend on what happens for example in sector of the travel agencies. Belgium is the only one country today where vendors must be registered officially. Here are some examples of questionable practices:

Some vendors submit misleading timeshare as an investment or a property right.

Sales techniques are sometimes very aggressive (telemarketing related to false surveys, contests, and sweepstakes, award travel; sale following a trip to the place in question or a presentation at a luxury hotel; perception of large advance payments, etc.).

The sales brochures is sometimes brief and muted the rights legal nature acquired, difficult to verify the accommodation quality, additional costs, travel expenses or transportation, inventory of homes and weeks that have vendors, etc.

It may be that the exchange or sale of timeshare is very difficult or impossible if the uninteresting residence or period.

The latest development is that some unscrupulous companies contact the timeshare owners and promise to claim, or find a buyer for the week when they have at times provided they purchase new timeshare (this technique is known as buy-sell). Also promise to sell the timeshare to an unrealistic price. What frequently occurs is that the promise is unfulfilled or that the consumer suffers a financial loss.

April 15, 2012


Types of Timeshares Available

Currently there are many types of timeshare programs that allow customers to choose the kind of ownership of vacation that best suits you or suits your needs. The term timeshare describes how to use only accommodations for a special number of days per year. Usually sold for weeks, also known as interval or ownership of vacation.

Timeshare Interval

Week and fixed unit in perpetuity. The buyer is allowed to use of a specific condominium in a given week, every year for lifetime, same as buying a house. Benefits may include tax benefits of ownership, but the right to join in development administration. Under the agreement, the house can be rented, sold, exchanged, or donated the interval of vacation.

Right to use. The property development is maintained by the developer. Buyer gets the right to use developments, for a defined several years, usually between 5 and 50, and rights back to the developer at the end of term. These plans are the most commonly used by new companies of high reputation and function as a membership club.

Vacation Clubs or Points programs. They offer the most flexibility of use on a different date each vacation. Club members buy a package of points, which are used as currency in circulation to access the different sizes of suites, season or number of days. The number of points required varies with respect to the demand of the members, the unit size, season, location of development, and amenities. A vacation club can offer contracts with perpetual right to use.

Fractional ownership allows consumers to buy a larger amount of weeks, usually between 4 and 26, for a lower cost. This method is popular ski destinations or beach.

Communities with lock-off allow owners the option to occupy only a portion of the unit on a date, and the rest in another. You rented a portion or even exchange it.

Fixed or floating time

On fixed time, the unit (condominium), or type of unit is purchased for use one week specified, this range is assigned for each year to that member.

According to a recent study found that in the United States around 70% of timeshare condominiums are sold in floating time. The price difference is determined by the demand of the season purchased.

On floating time refers to the use of rental housing usually for a specified season of the year (summer, winter, all year, etc.). The owner must book in advance your desired vacation dates, since the confirmation of booking is usually made ​​on the basis of first call / first confirmation.

Split week (splited-week) are required for members who prefer shorter vacations and allow them to divide its range into two or three separate visits to their development, usually one for 3 nights and one by 4, on two different dates in the year. Reservations are usually confirmed also on the basis of first call / first confirmation and availability subject.

Alternate use or Biannual property, allows the property use every two years only, cost cheaper than the annual appeals to those who cannot take vacation each year or lack the financial resources to acquire the entire plan.